Helen Kotsonis

Helen kotsonis

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10 years of Production Design experience.
Over 150 sets created.
Directors Guild of Canada
Production Design
Art Direction
I am a Toronto based Production Designer with a love for great design and creative collaborations.

Toronto based Production Designer and Art Director

I have 10 years of experience in all fields of designing movies, from props to sets and graphics. I love leading a creative team to implement my design cohesively.
Watch my portfolio below to see what my team and I can do!

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About my process

Production design is a great storytelling tool because of the visual elements it employs to convey the mood of the film or the personality of the characters. That's why good design starts with a lot of research. I like to get very involved in the character's backgrounds as well as the motivation behind the writer's ideas. The deeper I understand the script, the better I am able to connect with the director and collaborate on a vision that elevates their story. I also believe in implementing that vision as part of a team to create designs that tell strong visual narratives filled with texture and depth. I enjoy playing with scenic treatments and exploring the details of each set so that they fully express the world the characters are living in and the tone of the film.
creative idea by Vectors Market from the Noun Project
Concept Board

At the early stage of concept boarding, I set the visual tone for the movie by researching characters and story and defining a color scheme and style that fits the narrative.

creative idea by Vectors Market from the Noun Project
Technical drawings

Once the tone is set, i get to the drawing board and place that vision on paper. From sketches and graphics to sets renderings, this is the backbone of a smooth teamwork within the art department.

creative idea by Vectors Market from the Noun Project

During the implementation phase of all this prep work it is crucial to keep an excellent communication with all the departments involved in building sets, props, dressing and graphics.

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Espresso fuels my creativity.
Let's talk design and sets over coffee.

Helen Kotsonis
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